High Speed Security Fog in our Homes

High speed security fog in my home, why?

The fear of an intrusion in our unoccupied homes is a primary concern for every home owner. This concern has more recently been superseded by the fear of an intrusion whilst we and our families are actually at home and with the resultant possibilities of physical injuries and the long-lasting effect of post event trauma.

With bells and whistles providing little or no immediate protection, people are looking for new and effective alternatives to safeguarding themselves, their family and their homes.

For decades Security Fog has successfully protected property and people in the commercial sector and this success has now been introduced to the residential market with the launch of the Fog Bandit 320 designed to meet the specific requirements of both the commercial and private home environment.

How does it work?

The moment an intruder is detected a huge plume of visually impenetrable fog is instantly released to protect assets in the area and/or cut off access to parts of your home i.e. on the stairwell preventing access to the upper floor and bedrooms.

The activation of the fog can either be triggered by an intruder alarm or by means of a panic button providing time for the home owner to call the police whilst remaining safe and inaccessible to the intruder.


The Fog Bandit 320 can easily be connected to your existing intruder alarm system or as a stand-alone unit. Its lightweight, compact and discreet design ensures an unobtrusive and simple installation in almost any location in the home.

Dimensions: 41cm Length x 20cm Width x 15cm Depth

Low Cost

The advanced technological features of the Fog Bandit 320 mean NO ongoing service requirements and spent fog cartridges are easily and quickly replaced by the homeowner. Using only 24 watts of power in permanent stand-by, a household electricity bill will only increase by circa £25* per year! (*electricity rates @ £0.13 per KWh)

Fog Bandit 320 shell & facia colours examples, available to special order;