Further Fog Bandit Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that Fog Bandit has received the highest security grade certificate named NF & A2P, in France.

This is a French certificate but internationally recognised as it is based on the EN50131-8 2019 security fogging standard with extra conditions set by the insurance companies in France.

This certificate comes with gradings named shields, from 1 shield, to a maximum 3 shields.

Fog Bandit is the only security fog device in the world at this moment to have reached this 3 shields certificate, providing the opportunity to install Fog Bandit in all kinds of businesses, where insurance companies impose the highest level of security products.

Attached you’ll find an information on the most important differences between the security shield levels, as well as the certificates mentioned.

Certificate issued by CNPP as an accredited body for the EN50131-8 and the only accredited body in France for the NF & A2P certification.


Information on the NF and A2P mark