Fog Bandit News

Police Secure by Design Certification for Fog Bandit
Posted: 04/04/2024
Author: Neil Chrismas

World leaders in Security Fogging, Bandit UK have renewed their membership with Secured by Design (SBD). The Bandit UK range of products provide an excellent solution to preventing burglary and robbery in many different situations,… Read more »

Quick visual tour of the dedicated Bandit Belgium factory
Posted: 12/03/2024
Author: Neil Chrismas
Bandit UK join BAGMA
Posted: 01/02/2024
Author: Neil Chrismas

Bandit UK have recently joined the British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association (BAGMA) as an accredited supplier of security fogging solutions, to help Garden and Agricultural Machinery dealers protect their businesses. As BAGMA and their… Read more »

Further Fog Bandit Accreditation
Posted: 15/11/2023
Author: Neil Chrismas

We are delighted to announce that Fog Bandit has received the highest security grade certificate named NF & A2P, in France. This is a French certificate but internationally recognised as it is based on the… Read more »

Bandit UK at the NPA Conference 2023
Posted: 26/09/2023
Author: Neil Chrismas

Bandit UK exhibited the Fog Bandit range and shared case study successes at the National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) Conference 2023, in what continues to be a very important and long active sector for Fog Bandit… Read more »

Retail store break-in attempt stopped by Fog Bandit 320
Posted: 31/08/2023
Author: Neil Chrismas

A further example of an attempted retail convenience store break-in stopped by the Fog Bandit 320 this month. The London store invested in a Fog Bandit 320 unit connected to and monitored by the existing… Read more »

Versatility of the Fog Bandit range
Posted: 06/07/2023
Author: Neil Chrismas

The unique and patented design of the Fog Bandit range provides incredible versatility in adapting itself to any 24/7 security needs, be it for out of hours burglary or daytime robbery situations. The versatility of… Read more »

Driving improvement and investing in our customers
Posted: 20/03/2023
Author: Neil Chrismas

Bandit UK is proud of its reputation of providing high quality service, with high reliability products backed by proven, effective protection against losses. In their pursuit of ever improving their services, Bandit UK are investing… Read more »

Power Efficiency of Fog Bandit product ranges
Posted: 23/11/2022
Author: Neil Chrismas

With energy costs dramatically increasing this year, rest assured that Fog Bandit systems are specifically manufactured to be the most efficient on the market. Using extremely high-quality insulation to minimise heat exchanger heat loss, power… Read more »

Retailers Against Crime 2022
Posted: 22/10/2022
Author: Ben Jones

Fog Bandit are delighted to be supporting the Retailers Against Crime Conference in Glasgow on Thursday 27th October 2022. Together with consultation sessions of the different versions of our Fog Bandit, we will be sharing… Read more »