Flash Fog Bandit introduced to the UK

Bandit UK have launched the Fog Bandit Flash into the UK.

The new Fog Bandit 320 F includes a factory fitted high quality Flash unit with 6 LED’s emitting an intense “Camera flash” effect. This amplifies the effect of the Fog that is produced at high speed – 30m³ per second. The flashing frequency of light interrupts the human visual system in the event of an unauthorised break-in.

The new compact, versatile yet immensely powerful Fog Bandit 320 is capable of delivering up to 200 cubic metres of high density (30 cm visibility range) fog in just 6 seconds.

Stand-alone Flash units are also available with an option to run in parallel with existing Fog Bandit security fogging systems.

What does the addition of Flash with high-speed fog provide?

  • High powered, pulsed flash LED lights (NOT a strobe) designed to interrupts the human visual system
  • Amplifies the already disorientating high-speed fog
  • Sequence of the LED’s attacks brain processing and ensures criminals will want to leave the area immediately
  • Targeting assets and deploying cutting machinery becomes near impossible

Plus …

  • Aides time-window for the Police / Law Enforcement Response
  • The criminal does not get access to the assets and therefore the loss is  fractionalised or no loss is suffered
  • Cost effective and flexible to different store or warehouse layouts
  • Strong deterrent

Please enquire for further details and high security applications

Click here to see Fog Bandit Flash Video