Fog Bandit robbery assailant sentenced for 6.5 years

A shop assistant, Kirsty Faynes, has been highly praised by a judge for her bravery and quick thinking during an attempted robbery and a subsequent arrest, which occurred at a Edenderry off-licence last year on November 3rd. In July 2021 the assailant was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison. Kirsty had noticed a man entering the shop with a hood covering his face, and carrying a knife. Due to Kirsty’s quick thinking she activated the Fog Bandit, immediately creating a high speed, dense wall of fog, pushing the assailant out of the shop. Thankfully nobody was hurt and no cash or stock losses were suffered.

Here is what happened when Kirsty activated the Fog Bandit:-

Full details of the news release here:-