Retailers Against Crime 2022

Fog Bandit are delighted to be supporting the Retailers Against Crime Conference in Glasgow on Thursday 27th October 2022. Together with consultation sessions of the different versions of our Fog Bandit, we will be sharing case studies to demonstrate the proven reliability and consistent high-speed fog delivery of Fog Bandit, across the product range.

Retailers Against Crime (RAC) is a national crime partnership founded in 1997, not for profit and funded by its members. Their main objectives are to detect and deter crime, including acts of violence, by sharing information with members and police forces including educating front line staff to prevent crime. Retail crime is an industry and has a negative effect and significant financial-impact upon retail and the economy. Businesses that invest in crime reduction measures and education to deter crime will help create an environment where staff feel supported, businesses thrive and customers return.

The event will discuss the latest issues impacting the retail business crime sector through practical advice and insight from expert industry speakers along with networking opportunities with key professionals from the sector.