Raid Foiled by ADT and Bandit

Om Sari Jewellers in Hounslow were targeted by three raiders late on the afternoon of Friday 4th November.  The raiders managed to get through the first of the two security access-controlled entrance doors but no further as the shop was installed with a Fog Bandit supplied by ADT to protect the staff and the stock.  Almost immediately, the alert staff hit their panic buttons initiating the high speed security Fog Bandit which in just two seconds projected a 6 metre blanket of visually impenetrable yet harmless fog across the shop, directed towards the entrance door.  The fog rapidly screened the targeted display cabinets and entrance into the shop.  The raiders were forced to turn and flee empty handed without even being able to enter the shop.  The exposure and potential trauma to the shop staff and the associated damage of these types of attacks was therefore minimised.