Power Efficiency of Fog Bandit product ranges

With energy costs dramatically increasing this year, rest assured that Fog Bandit systems are specifically manufactured to be the most efficient on the market.

Using extremely high-quality insulation to minimise heat exchanger heat loss, power consumption for both Fog Bandit 320 and 240DB ranges is completely minimised. The systems can therefore be permanently left on for the following reasons:

  • Power consumption on permanent stand-by is minimal at just 24 watts for the 320’s and 40 watts for the 240DB units
  • Maintaining a permanent supply of mains power prolongs the life of the heat exchanger as opposed to a constant on/off, cool down/reheat design
  • Whether for burglary protection via the alarm panel, or robbery protection via a panic button, Fog Bandit systems are ready to deliver a full fog ejection in a fraction of a second, 24 hours every day
  • Even with a mains power failure, Fog Bandit systems can still deliver fog at full power for up to 2 hours after the loss.

All Fog Bandits are self-monitoring providing 24/7 diagnostics of their functionality.  Any status changes to any components critical to the Fog Bandit’s ability to operate successfully, such as tamper, power problem (including back-up battery), fuse blown, fluid low, etc, are not only alerted to the user via the ‘Failure’ indicator LED on the front of the units, but instantly reported to the intruder alarm panel so that the problem can be promptly identified and rectified.  Since 2004 when the Bandit was first launched in the UK, a properly installed and maintained system has NEVER failed to activate when called upon to do so.