Driving improvement and investing in our customers

Bandit UK is proud of its reputation of providing high quality service, with high reliability products backed by proven, effective protection against losses. In their pursuit of ever improving their services, Bandit UK are investing heavily in the following:

Website improvements

A full E-Commerce package has been added to our website to facilitate quick and simple product purchasing for both retail customers and appointed reseller partners. And, with ever increasing data hacking activity, new and improved Cyber Security features have been added.

New Logistics Improvements

By integrating our logistics provider with the website E-Commerce platform, Bandit UK has facilitated robust improvements to their supply chain and by adopting PUDO via Rico Logistics, smoother, safer and a more informative delivery process is achieved.

Communications Upgrade

The recent installation of a VOIP phone management system has resulted in better, faster communication in the field, improving technical, sales and service support throughout.

As economic pressures on households increase, demands for goods of low price and dubious origin fuel an increase in crime. Not surprisingly, business owners continue investing in effective and proven protection of their premises with products like Fog Bandit, which are correctly certificated and fully endorsed and encouraged by leading insurance companies.

Fog Bandit Accreditations and Approvals Page

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