Convenience Store Case Study – attempted cigarette raid stopped by Fog Bandit

Case Study with live CCTV from an attempted raid on DaShop Convenience Store in Manchester stopped by the Fog Bandit can be view via the web-link below;

Robbery is a crime against people and its effect on an individual can be long lasting.

Across 1000’s of shops installed throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland, over the last 10 years Fog Bandit has successfully thwarted 51 robberies without any injuries to the people exposed to what is typically a most frightening experience. Most importantly, NO activation failures have ever been experienced proving the incredible dependability of the Bandit system.

Confidence in the Fog Bandit, knowing that the system will work instantly when required, has helped empower business owners and employees to protect themselves and their businesses by creating an element of control in an otherwise control-less and shocking encounter.

Our aim is to communicate a clear deterrent message to the criminal fraternity. That targeting remises with a Fog Bandit system installed, is a fruitless exercise and heightens the likelihood of being caught.