Busy Summer for Fog Bandit – 5 Incidents Thwarted

Summer 2016 has unfortunately seen a spike in criminal activity and a handful of our client’s premises have been targeted. Thankfully Fog Bandit remains a reliable and proven defence against out of hour’s burglaries and daytime robberies, trusted by 1000’s of UK organisations, their staff and business stakeholders on a daily basis.

Continuing the record of zero failures, Fog Bandit has successfully deployed over the summer months at the following premises;

  1.  Jewellery shop raid at Brent Cross Shopping Centre, North London
  2.  Jewellery shop at the Cascades Shopping Centre in Portsmouth, Hampshire
  3.  Apple Mac suite at a brand and interior design consultancy at Tower Bridge, London
  4.  Luxury accessories boutique at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire
  5.  Pawnbroker and Jewellery Store in Slough, Berkshire

Fog Bandit’s instant activation (just 0.1 second delay between intruder detection and fog ejected at full output capacity of 28 cubic metres per second) has helped not only ensure minimal or no losses at all but has also assisted in minimising the associated damage to these targeted premises.


Brent Cross photo