Bandit UK at the NPA Conference 2023

Bandit UK exhibited the Fog Bandit range and shared case study successes at the National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) Conference 2023, in what continues to be a very important and long active sector for Fog Bandit protection.

Fog Bandit is a proven 24/7 deterrent and defence mechanism against overnight burglaries and robberies at UK Pawnbroker and Money Transfer shops. Fog Bandit’s reliable and proven approach is trusted by 1000’s of UK Pawnbrokers and Jewellers shops, their staff and business stakeholders on a daily basis.

As well as numerous independent Pawnbroker and Money Transfer shops the following multiples also currently use Fog Bandit throughout their network of stores:

Supported by highly visible signage, Fog Bandit provides an immediate, powerful deterrent to criminals.

Head of Security and Audit, Harvey and Thompson Pawnbrokers, explains;

“As Pawnbrokers we have a special responsibility to look after valuables belonging to our customers. Often these items are of great sentimental value. The Bandit is a powerful and effective product, which helps to prevent criminality in our stores”.