Bandit at International Jewellery London 2011

Neil Chrismas, Sales Director at Bandit UK has been invited to present at International Jewellery London as part of the seminar programme.  Neil’s presentation titled ‘Security Fog – Deterring and Foiling Raids across the Jewellery Sector’, on Sunday 4th September at Earls Court, will include the best practise approach and case study material including live CCTV footage of daytime raids foiled by security fog in Jewellery retail premises. 


High speed security fog is increasingly being adopted by the Jewellery Sector as a proven deterrent and defence against both daytime robbery attacks and out of hour’s burglaries.  An indication that Security Fogging has come of age is that Insurance Companies themselves now recommend the use of fog as a robbery deterrent. Furthermore the latest European regulations, EN50131-8, provide guidelines for the use of fog in robbery situations as well as requiring such products to be approved to meet minimal performance levels, non-toxicity of the fog they produce and meet statutory reliability & operational requirements.