28th and 29th UK Jewellery Robberies stopped by the Fog Bandit

Mayfair Robbery:

At 12.25pm on Thursday 29th January 2015 six offenders approached the Mayfair luxury goods and jewellery store on three mopeds and armed with weapons. They then attempted to enter the store but failed due to the security standard of the front door, activation of the Fog Bandit security fogging system and a brave security officer who sustained superficial injuries. The offenders then made off empty handed.

Middlesbrough Robbery:

Robbers armed with hand axes raided the Market Cross Jewellers store on Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough on Tuesday 14th January at around 4.25pm. The raiders attacked the font window and forced their way through the front entrance door targeting the jewellery cabinets and window display. Back in August 2014, the shop was installed with a Fog Bandit robbery deterrent system to protect the staff and the stock. Almost immediately, the vigilant staff initiated the high speed security Fog Bandit which in just two seconds projected a 6 metre blanket of visually impenetrable yet harmless fog across the shop, screening the targeted display cabinets and forcing the raiders to turn and flee the shop.          

Fortunately no one hurt during the incident. Although some stock loss and jewellery cabinet damage was suffered, it could have been far worse had it not been for prompt reaction of the staff and the speed and density of the Fog Bandit security fog.