Fog Bandit HY-3 pack refill

Fog Fluid Exchange refill for Fog Bandit 240 DB

The HY3 refill is an exchange unit whereby a significant refund is applied on the return of your empty unit provided it is returned within 21 days. The supplied refill is a fully serviced, replenished and hermetically sealed unit providing the same 4 year lifespan as a brand new HY3 cartridge.  It is easy and quick to change (printed instructions are provided with the unit) through the side access panel on your Fog Bandit 240DB and using the ‘HY3 Grip Tool’ supplied to you at the time of installation. Depending on room size every HY3 cartridge is capable of between 3 and 25 activations before refilling is required.

PLEASE NOTE: The cost quoted is a deposit price and providing your empty cartridge(s) is/are returned to us within 21 working days of receiving your refill(s) a refund will be provided of £270 + VAT per refill returned. This refund will promptly be paid back to the credit card the payment was made with.

PLEASE NOTE: To receive a credit of £305 + VAT per returned HY3 unit, the empty cartridge(s) must be returned to us within the required 21 days from date of delivery.


Part No: 24002901

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