Fog Bandit 320 - Flash Fog Enabled (Complete Kit)

Fog Bandit 320 - With Flash Fog Enabled

The Fog Bandit 320 includes a factory fitted high quality Flash unit with 6 LED emitting an intense “Camera flash” effect for 3 minutes. This amplifies the effect of the Fog that is produced at high speed – 30m³ per second. The flashing frequency of light interrupts the human visual system. The Unit comes complete with a PSU, for the flash controller etc.

A new compact, versatile yet immensely powerful Fog Bandit product capable of delivering up to 200 cubic metres of high density (30 cm visibility range) fog in just 6 seconds. Designed for smaller environments, both commercial and domestic, yet not compromising on the performance and reliability of the Fog Bandit 240 product portfolio.

The Bandit 320H/W Kit also includes a horizontal mount white (the one pictured is anthracite) Bandit 320, CF21 or CF31 Controller, and white facia inserts

Cartridge sizes of choice need to be chosen separately.

Video below as an illustration.

Enquire for further details and high security applications.

  • Totally dustproof, maintenance free design
  • Uses compact hermitically sealed, patented cartridges, these are room-size specific to deliver maximum protection without residue. Various sizes of fog cartridges are available and after use cartridges are easily replaced and empties are disposable as normal household/business waste.
  • Bandit 320 systems are verified to fully comply with the EN50131-8 European Standard.
  • Patented on-board electronics perform 24/7 system diagnostics.
  • Can be oriented in any position (wall, ceiling or floor).

The new Bandit 320 is able to be mounted in any orientation desired, whether wall, ceiling or low level mounting. The 320 will operate effectively in any of these positions.

The Flash Fog unit is sold seperately

When aesthetic considerations are important in a premises and the normal method of surface mounting the 320 on view may not be appropriate, a concealed variant can be provided for a hidden installation within a cabinet or behind an internal wall or above a suspended ceiling.

Dimensions: 197mm(w) x 410mm(h) x 145mm(d)

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