Fog Bandit 320 BV Covert / Hidden / Ceiling / Cabinet (Complete Kit)

Designed for room sizes of 40 to 200 cubic metres

Based on the same technology and performance of the extremely successful standard Bandit 320, this BV model has been specifically designed to be installed in a covert location such as above a suspended ceiling, behind a partition wall or inside a cabinet.

The Bandit 320BV kit includes a standard anthracite colour Bandit 320BV, hole cutting tool, rosette ‘nozzle’ surround, CF21 or CF31 Controller and 2 x ISM 12T Relays. Cartridge size of choice need to be chosen separately.

  • Totally dustproof, maintenance free design
  • Uses compact hermitically sealed, patented cartridges, these are room-size specific to deliver maximum protection without residue. Various sizes of fog cartridges are available and after use cartridges are easily replaced and empties are disposable as normal household/business waste.
  • Bandit 320 systems are verified to fully comply with the EN50131-8 European Standard.
  • Patented on-board electronics perform 24/7 system diagnostics.
  • Can be covertly mounted above suspended ceilings, behind plaster walls or inside cabinets.

This special ‘Covert’ model Bandit 320 is able to be mounted above a suspended ceiling, behind a plaster wall (space permitting) or inside a cabinet so that all that can be seen is simply the fog ejection nozzle

This addresses aesthetic considerations where normal surface/visible mounting of the Bandit unit may not be appropriate or acceptable. All Bandit 320 BV systems come in standard Anthracite colour.

Dimensions: 220mm(w) x 450mm(h) x 170mm(d)

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