Fog Bandit 240 DB Downward Nozzle

Designed for high ceiling, warehouse applications

The FOG BANDIT 240 DB Downward Nozzle is a versatile, compact, reliable and efficient unit which offers exceptional fog generating capabilities.  This version is used where downward firing of the fog is required such as in warehouses or particularly high-ceiling rooms.  One unit can protect rooms up to 504 cubic metres. For larger volumes, 2 or more FOG BANDITs may be used in unison.


  • Produces 28 cubic metres of fog per second with visibility range (density) reduced to just 30cm
  • Programable for room sizes ranging from 50m³ to 500m³, for larger areas multiple units can be used to activate in unison
  • 24/7 self-diagnostics instantly reports stats changes to the alarm panel
  • Error LED provides quick and easy identification of the failure for rapid resolution.
  • Used where downward firing of the FOG BANDIT is required.

Ideal for high-ceiling buildings where projecting fog downwards towards the floor results in a wider, low level curtain quickly increasing the deterrent effect.

Part No: 240 01 001/DW

Dimensions: 270mm(w) x 365mm(h) x 255mm(d)

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The Bandit is a powerful and effective product, which helps to prevent criminality in our stores....