Fog Bandit 320 Fog Cartridges

Replacement cartridges for your Fog Bandit 320

Fog Bandit 320 cartridges are available in sizes to match the size of room being protected, ranging from 40 to 200 cubic metres. The hermetically sealed, patented design provide the cartridges with a 4 year lifespan and are quick and easy to change with empties disposable in your general waste.

  • Max 4 Year Shelf Life
  • Quick and easy to change
  • Disposable

Dimensions: 60mm(dia), 60-100mm(l), 1kg(av weight)

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FOG Bandit in action

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FOG Bandit Compatibility

Fog Bandit Feedback

Well your Fog Bandit worked brilliantly! We had four armed robbers who attacked the window from inside with axes and sledgehammers and two of the girls hit the buttons and they were off .......