Smash and Grab protection with FOG BANDIT

Ultimate protection of fashion clothing and accessories using the FOG BANDIT

The FOG BANDIT leads the field by taking security fogging systems to a totally new level of effectiveness and reliability. The FOG BANDIT delivers ultra-dense fog at unprecedented speed to provide the very highest levels of protection against the losses and property damage associated with display window ‘smash & grab’ style thefts of high value fashion clothing and accessories.

When sensors detect a window smash the BANDIT’s patented high-pressure system instantly delivers a dense, visually impenetrable fog at the incredible rate of 28 cubic metres per second, projecting towards the window display, pushing
the intruders back and protecting assets from theft! – The security fog can also be deployed via daytime protection with the use of existing Panic buttons which would be situated at the counter.

The FOG BANDIT security fog is completely harmless to both individuals and items, being safe to breathe and leaving NO residue.

Already installed at many diverse Retail Multiples and Independent Stores throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland,  FOG BANDIT has a proven track-record at deterring and foiling theft from this important sector.

Introducing new or strengthening existing physical defenses simply increases repair costs after a burglary attempt, costs which are often far greater than the value of goods stolen.  Investing in a FOG BANDIT can avoid these costs, stop the losses and deter intruders from returning in the future.

To see a list of our example clients that trust FOG BANDIT to protect their assets and premises, please see our Key Clients page.

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“What can’t be seen, can’t be stolen”

The state-of-the-art FOG BANDIT is the fastest security fogging system of its kind in the world. When sensors detect an intruder (overnight protection) or a personal alarm is raised (daytime protection) the FOG BANDIT’s patented high-pressure system INSTANTLY delivers a dense, visually impenetrable fog at the incredible rate of at least 28 cubic metres per second, projecting it 6 metres in the first 2 seconds alone.  An average sized shop, office or showroom of 140 cubic metres takes just 5 seconds to fill.

The same FOG BANDIT unit can be used for 24/7 risk applications. Daytime robbery deterrent is achieved by deploying a short controlled activation to create a fog curtain between the raider and the staff and/or goods.  Overnight protection is achieved via a longer activation filling the entire area with impenetrable fog where valuable stock, equipment and other contents can be obscured from sight, thus protecting them from the possibility of theft or damage, until the authorities arrive.
The benefits of installing a FOG BANDIT……

  • The FASTEST way to help protect your assets from theft
  • Dual function 24/7 protection from the same unit
  • Protects against the possibility of internal damage to property
  • Helps keep insurance loss claims to a minimum
  • Deters intruders from further attempts
  • Fog is harmless, leaves no residue, so is safe to use in any environment

The result……
Considerable cost, time and effort can be saved, disruption to business is reduced to a minimum and normal trading can be quickly resumed

FOG Bandit in action

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