Motor Cycle and Car Garages & Showroom Protection

Stop the theft of motor cycles and cars!

Motor cycle and car retail shops, private collections, car showrooms, private garages and vehicle storage barns can all be protected by the Fog Bandit.  Once traditional defensives are breached and an intrusion is detected, the Fog Bandit rapidly activates an impenetrable yet harmless security fog that pushes intruders out of the area and minimises any associated damage.  The Fog Bandit fills the total area within seconds with security fog without harming the vehicles or leaving any residue.

Fog Bandit – the ultimate deterrent and protection against break-ins and theft of cars, motor cycles and their associated tools and machinery.

FOG Bandit in action

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Fog Bandit Feedback

The Bandit is a powerful and effective product, which helps to prevent criminality in our stores....