Jewellery Shop Protection with Fog Bandit

The proven No.1 deterrent against Jewellers Robberies!

From small Jewellery shop boutiques to large diamond rooms, Fog Bandit jewellery shop protection is the proven reliable defence against robberies and burglaries.

Once activated the Fog Bandits will create a rapidly moving curtain of dense fog to obscure assets and push intruders out of the room.  Also, threat to staff is instantly removed as eye contact with intruders is broken and potential damage to the shop is minimised.

For added reassurance and peace of mind to any bystanders, the optional voice announcer automatically states the following message at the same time as the fog activation is triggered:

“Security Fog has activated and the Police are on their way – The fog is completely harmless, please remain calm and do not move until advised”

Activated via the dedicated Panic Alarm Buttons the Fog Bandit jewellery shop protection system is designed to achieve the following:

–  Empower staff with a passive yet powerful and instant deterrent to would-be robbers

–  Eject the fog at full power after just 0.1 of a second from when the Bandit receives the panic signal

– Break the raiders’ eye contact and remove threat to staff

–  Push the raiders out of the premises

–  Rapidly create a curtain of dense fog across assets at risk

–  Provide a strong and credible deterrent

Call Bandit UK for a demo to prove that Fog Bandit really is the #1 in jewellery shop protection.

FOG Bandit in action

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Fog Bandit Feedback

The Bandit is a powerful and effective product, which helps to prevent criminality in our stores....