FOG BANDIT has an unprecedented track record of performance & reliability that has earned it a reputation of being revered by our clients and feared by criminals!  Examples of feedback Bandit UK has received from our clients is illustrated below:-

Fog Bandit Testimonial from Sue Dixon at Harvey and Thompson Pawnbrokers

As Pawnbrokers we have a special responsibility to look after valuables belonging to our customers. Often these items are of great sentimental value. The Bandit is a powerful and effective product, which helps to prevent criminality in our stores.

Fog Bandit Testimonial from Jim McFedries at Scotmid Co-operative Group

Scotmid Co-operative operates 350 retail outlets across Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England. Like most convenience retailers we have our fair share of break-ins. The Profit Protection Team searched the market for a deterrent solution that was both cost effective and would act as a substantial deterrent to would be thief’s. We have installed Fog Bandit in most of our high risk stores and found it both reliable and very effective on deployment and as a viable deterrent.

Fog Bandit Testimonial from Jamie Kirkland at Cutting Jewellers

“The Fog Bandit worked perfectly! Nobody was hurt, we did not suffer any loss and the shop is back open this morning for Christmas trading. Without the Fog Bandit the outcome could have been very different. We feel assured by having the Fog Bandit installed and strongly suggest that other retail Jewellers do the same.”

Fog Bandit Testimonial from Mr Chris Chambers, General Manager at Torne Valley Ltd at Torne Valley Ltd

I first saw Fog Bandit whilst looking at security products on the internet. I was drawn to security fog as a solution, because of the speed it fills the room, and the fact that you can stop your goods from being stolen. The Fog Bandit staff from sales to installation have been very good, and I am very happy with the installation across all three of our sites. Having the Fog Bandit installed, helps by knowing that if someone breaks in, there is a deterrent there instantly.

Fog Bandit Testimonial from Michael Thwaites at Bank Machine Ltd

Bank Machine, the largest by volume of cash dispensed, independent operator of ATMs in the UK is proud of its association with Bandit UK. We have installed over 400 of the Bandit Fogging units concentrating on sites at high risk of attack. Our ethos is to protect the sites from attack and therefore also protect our ATM machines and the cash they contain, which I am pleased to say the Bandit has done on a regular basis since we started installing Bandits some 5 years ago. As recently as this month a supermarket in London was broken into by burglars. The fogging unit activated. Police responded and arrested a suspect at the premises. A large amount of cash was in the ATM and neither this nor any of the shop stock was taken. The shop owner and Bank Machine were extremely pleased with Fog Bandit.

Fog Bandit Testimonial from Hugh Gilmour at G4S Cash Solutions

The Fog Bandit is the single most cost effective security product investment made by G4S to date

Fog Bandit Testimonial from Michael Hunt at Shell UK

The Bandit was installed at all of our non 24 hour operated Petrol Filling Stations, to protect against burglaries which were steadily increasing. The Bandit has proved to be an extremely reliable and immensely efficient system in dramatically reducing our problem.

Fog Bandit Testimonial from David Hughes at Haydock Park Golf Club

Just a ‘for information’, note that we suffered an attempted break in at our Professional Shop last night. The Fog Bandit worked perfectly with the alarm and the intruders retreated before gaining entry! The system has been reset and as the canister has only activated twice, there should not be any problem. Look forward to your service engineer’s visit next April.

Fog Bandit Testimonial from S J Robertson PJDip at Robertson’s Jewellers Ltd

I am writing to thank you for your recent installation of Fog Bandit in my shop. I am absolutely delighted with the service I have received from you and your colleagues from the initial contact and enquiry through to the installation last week. I had seen, and read about various security fogging systems and was particularly impressed with the speed at which the fog is ejected by Fog Bandit against similar systems available. I was pleased that when I contacted you, that you were able to visit with a ‘demonstration unit’. Once seen in action, I was more than happy to place the order and have the system installed to be linked with our existing security systems. Your installation engineer carried out the task of installation very efficiently with absolute minimum disruption to business and was a pleasure to have here with our team.

Fog Bandit Testimonial from Mandy Sargeant at R L Austen Jewellers

Well your Fog Bandit worked brilliantly! We had four armed robbers who attacked the window from inside with axes and sledgehammers and two of the girls hit the buttons and they were off. The inside glass is also armoured so they didn’t get away with anything. Pleased to say the Police caught all five of them in Pulborough within an hour and a half

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