FOG Bandit Complimentary Products

Voice Announcer Unit

Voice Announcer Unit

To comply with regulations, when the Bandit system is used as a robbery ‘deterrent’ the fitting of a Voice Announcer is necessary.

The pre-recorded message provides the occupants with information about the fog activation.

Together with appropriate signage, this unit not only ensures that Health & Safety requirements are ‘met’ but also acts as a credible deterrent.


  • Robbery deterrent system
  • Pre-recorded message
  • Together with appropriate signage meets Health & Safety requirements


When using the Fog Bandit system as a robbery deterrent, the Voice Announcer automatically plays back a pre-recorded message providing safety information regarding the fog activation


Part No: 340 01 019

FOG Bandit in action

Voice Announcer Unit

FOG Bandit Compatibility

Fog Bandit Feedback

Having the Fog Bandit installed, helps by knowing that if someone breaks in, there is a deterrent there instantly....