FOG Bandit Applications

Stop Cigarette Theft!

Protect against typically quick and easy cigarette stock theft with a Fog Bandit!

Fog Bandit currently protects 1000′s of retailers from the theft of valuable cigarette stocks.  Once activated the Fog Bandits will create a curtain of dense fog to rapidly protect the entire room, not just the cigarette gantry.  The horizontally moving curtain of fog pushes intruders out of the areas at risk in seconds minimising potential property and stock damage in the store.

Fog Bandit provides the fastest and most dense security fog available and is the proven deterrent to stop cigarette theft from retail shops.

Stop Cigarette Theft!

FOG Bandit in action

Stop Cigarette Theft!

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Fog Bandit Feedback

The Bandit has proved to be an extremely reliable and immensely efficient system...