FOG Bandit Applications

Protection of IT Equipment in Schools, Colleges and Universities

Proven Fog Bandit protection for IT Equipment

The FOG BANDIT leads the field by taking security fogging systems to a totally new level of effectiveness and reliability.  The FOG BANDIT delivers ultra-dense fog at unprecedented speed to provide the very highest levels of protection against the losses, property damage and disruption associated with the theft of IT equipment from schools, colleges and universities.

When sensors detect an intruder the BANDIT’s patented high-pressure system instantly delivers a dense, visually impenetrable curtain of fog at the incredible rate of 28 cubic metres per second, protecting an entire classroom or IT room in seconds!

Most importantly the FOG BANDIT security fog is completely harmless to both individuals and IT/electronic equipment, and leaves NO residue.

FOG Bandit in action

Protection of IT Equipment in Schools, Colleges and Universities

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Fog Bandit Feedback

Well your Fog Bandit worked brilliantly! We had four armed robbers who attacked the window from inside with axes and sledgehammers and two of the girls hit the buttons and they were off .......