Fog Bandit 320 Controller CF21v2

Please refer to the CF21 manual before installation – always.

Compliant to EN50131-8 European Standards this unit contains all the electronics to control and monitor the Bandit 320 unit. Drawing just 60ma of power and measuring just 54mm x 29mm wide x 14mm deep (smaller than a matchbox) this unit can fit inside the majority of alarm panels and utilises the alarm systems 12v power supply & back-up battery in the event of power failure.

Part No: 32002002

Dimensions: 54mm x 29mm wide x 14mm deep

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FOG Bandit in action

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FOG Bandit Compatibility

Fog Bandit Feedback

We feel assured by having the Fog Bandit installed and strongly suggest that other retail Jewellers do the same .......