FOG Bandit Complimentary Products

Wireless PA System

Wireless PA System

Ideal for “Panic” use as a robbery deterrent, these key fobs are totally portable and instantly activate the Bandit wirelessly in conjunction with an associated wireless receiver built into the Bandit unit.


  • Portable
  • Instant activation of Fog Bandit system
  • Multiple Key Fobs can be used with a single wireless receiver
  • Pocket/belt clip and also pendant options available


The Wireless PA System utilizes a Key Fob Transmitter and wireless receiver to provide instant activation of the Fog Bandit in a Panic situation


Part No: 340 01 017

FOG Bandit in action

Wireless PA System

FOG Bandit Compatibility

Fog Bandit Feedback

We feel assured by having the Fog Bandit installed and strongly suggest that other retail Jewellers do the same .......