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Security Fog With SelectaDNA

Security Fog With SelectaDNA

It is a known fact that criminals fear leaving traces of their DNA at the scene of a crime but with SelectaDNA the DNA evidence is planted on them.  Installed with a Fog Bandit and activated via sensors the simple and discreet SelectaDNA system covers the criminals with a unique DNA spray as they flee the scene.  The SelectaDNA also contains a UV tracer so that Police can quickly and easily detect its presence on suspects by using a UV lamp.

If you have any further questions or would like to arrange a demonstration do let us know and please note; the combined presence of both Fog Bandit & SelectaDNA will most likely deter the criminal activity from the outset.


  • Unique DNA Tagging
  • UV Tracing
  • Invisible & Harmless
  • Stays on offender for weeks


Tag thieves with a unique DNA spray ensuring that suspects can be identified later by the police


Part No: selectadna

FOG Bandit in action

Security Fog With SelectaDNA

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We have installed Fog Bandit in most of our high risk stores and found it both reliable and very effective on deployment and as a viable deterrent. ...