FOG Bandit Complimentary Products

Proximity Reader

Proximity Reader

An alternative method of “arming/disarming” a stand-alone FOG BANDIT system, when the use of a door “shunt” lock fitted to the main entrance/exit door is not possible.

Each reader is supplied with a “master” card for programming, and the option of user key fobs or cards for normal use.


  • Arms/Disarms Fog Bandit system
  • Supplied with Master card for programming
  • Compatible with our key fobs


An alternative to the door shunt lock, the proximity reader provides an another method of arming/disarming the Fog Bandit security fogging system


Part No: 340 01 002

FOG Bandit in action

Proximity Reader

FOG Bandit Compatibility

Fog Bandit Feedback

We have installed Fog Bandit in most of our high risk stores and found it both reliable and very effective on deployment and as a viable deterrent. ...