FOG Bandit Complimentary Products

Proximity Reader

Proximity Reader

An alternative method of “arming/disarming” a stand-alone FOG BANDIT system, when the use of a door “shunt” lock fitted to the main entrance/exit door is not possible.

Each reader is supplied with a “master” card for programming, and the option of user key fobs or cards for normal use.


  • Arms/Disarms Fog Bandit system
  • Supplied with Master card for programming
  • Compatible with our key fobs


An alternative to the door shunt lock, the proximity reader provides an another method of arming/disarming the Fog Bandit security fogging system


Part No: 340 01 002

FOG Bandit in action

Proximity Reader

FOG Bandit Compatibility

Fog Bandit Feedback

Having the Fog Bandit installed, helps by knowing that if someone breaks in, there is a deterrent there instantly....