FOG Bandit Complimentary Products

Panic Attack Button Unit

Panic Attack Button Unit

Ideal for “Panic” use as a robbery deterrent, these fixed Panic Attack (PA) buttons can be permanently located where most conveniently required, to instantly activate the FOG BANDIT fogging system.  A visible window provides quick and easy identification of which button was operated, and the unit remains “latched” in this state until reset using the supplied key.


  • Simple, instant activation of security fog
  • Mountable on any solid surface
  • Multiple units may be fitted in various locations of choice


The Panic Attack Button is a hard-wired Unit used in conjunction with the Fog Bandit to manually activate the security fog in a Panic situation


Part No: 440 01 003

FOG Bandit in action

Panic Attack Button Unit

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The Fog Bandit is the single most cost effective security product investment made by G4S to date...