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GSM Text Auto Dialer

GSM Text Auto Dialer

The Fog Bandit provides you with ‘ACTIVE’ (instant) protection in the event of a break-in by unwanted intruders, whilst the GSM dialler instantly transmits texts alerting you of the intrusion.


  • No contract required - Uses Pay-As-You-Go sim card of your choice (i.e. best reception service in the area). Capable of instantly sending text messages to up to 8 different telephone numbers to report any of the following:
  • Bandit activated - Intruders detected
  • Confirmation of Bandit setting/ un-setting
  • Bandit status changes such as Power or System Fault, System/PIR Tamper or Fog Cartridge Fluid Level Low
  • Notifications from other devices on the premises such as Panic Buttons or freezer/ heating system failure
  • GSM Dialler – Additional Features
  • Permits remote set/un-set and activation of the Bandit
  • Permits remote set/un-set of other devises i.e. lights/sirens etc.
  • Optional ‘listening-in’ feature allows remote dial-in for two-way communication with anyone on site (i.e. employees working late)
  • ‘Auto sustains’ Sim card and notifies low credit
  • Text’s record acts as event log
  • Power back-up via Bandit battery in event of mains failure/cut
  • AND all at very minimal on-going costs and without the need of an alarm system being installed


If you don’t have an alarm system and want a way to monitor your Fog Bandit system, the GSM dialler provides the perfect solution without even the need for a phone line


Part No: 340 01 001

FOG Bandit in action

GSM Text Auto Dialer

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