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Fog Bandit 240 PB

Programmable FOG BANDIT unit

Fog Bandit 240 PB

The FOG BANDIT 240 PB takes the BANDIT range to a new level, offering a greater range of programmability via a communications link to a PC or laptop computer.  As you would imagine, in addition to the basic functions of the FOG BANDIT 240 DB version this allows for precise setting of many more parameters.

The full flexibility of the FOG BANDIT 240 PB really has to be seen to be believed – in conjunction with its own Event Log and  dedicated  intruder detectors, GSM dialler etc. it can become a “stand alone” alarm system in its own right!


  • Programmable by means of PC or laptop
  • 4 programmable inputs
  • 2 fixed and 2 programmable outputs
  • Integrated siren, programmable for a range of sound outputs
  • Internal log that records last system 1000 events
  • Internal clock with “click on” battery
  • Precise control over activation settings, delay timers, etc.


As well as more programming versatility, this unit has a built in ‘Event Log’ ideal where accountability is required in non-alarm connection situations.


Part No: 240 01 005

Dimensions: 270mm(w) x 365mm(h) x 255mm(d)

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Fog Bandit 240 PB

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