FOG Bandit Complimentary Products

Door Mounted Shunt Lock

Door Mounted Shunt Lock

An effective and reliable method of ‘setting & un-setting’ a stand-alone Bandit system.  The lock to your entry door is replaced with the shunt lock thus providing a wired ‘switch’ connection to the Bandit.  Locking the door when leaving automatically sets the Bandit ready for use, un-locking the door on your return un-sets the system.  This is particularly useful in non-alarm connected systems and virtually eliminates any user-generated accidental activations.


  • Eliminates accidental activations
  • Reliable method of arming/disarming Bandit system


Once fitted the Bandit is set and unset simply by the turn of a key on your entry door lock


Part No: 340 01 024

FOG Bandit in action

Door Mounted Shunt Lock

FOG Bandit Compatibility

Fog Bandit Feedback

The Fog Bandit is the single most cost effective security product investment made by G4S to date...